• Porfirio Linares

    CFO. Specialist in Operational and Financial issues in Oil & Gas,  Education, Retail and Banking industries. General Business Advisory.


    Specialist in operational and financial issues related with O&G industries in México and internationally. With 12 years in the O&G industry, serving ten years as CFO and Sub-General Manager of Caterpillar – Turbomachinery division, Solar Turbines, Inc - México, working closely with PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos) one of the top ten biggest O&G industries in the world, and 2 years with Compagnie General de Geophisique, serving also Pemex, Mr. Linares has gained a superior blend of experiences in the field. Since bidding turn key projects above $150 M USD, to manage project execution, completion and after market, at the time of having solid and profitable financial control of full processes.

    10 years in international firms, Price WaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young has provided Mr. Linares with a superior business sense that transcends the usual admin, accounting and finance perspectives and can quickly grasp the macro view of international or local businesses. Also served 5 years with Xerox Corporation, and 2 years as CFO with CitiBank – Accival-Banamex and Office Depot. In his tenure with PWC and EY served under advisory business audit and assurance / compliance services some Fortune 500 and top notch Mexican corporations. While servicing Xerox Corp., world class operational auditing technics within some Xerox´s international subsidiaries, was comprehensively applied by Mr. Linares. Also he acted as Chief Accounting Officer of two Xerox´s subsidiaries in México.




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    CFO and Subdirector 

    Sep 2001 – Apr 2014


    Turbines Division. Oil & Gas Ind. Turbinas Solar, S.A. (Veracruz, México) CFO and Subdirector. Responsible for the finance, administrative, legal and some commercial and operational functions. Reporting to San Diego, Cal. And Peoria, Ill USA. Clients served, Pemex - crude handling, heavy oil, water injection, cryogenic plants, liquid nitrogen - industrial applications in Colgate, Basf, TransCanada, Cargill, Innophos, GasdeFrance, Suez, etc. Frame work agreements, long term service agreements, EXIM Bank export credit agencies, overhaul, refurbishing and Original Equipment Manufacturer issues. Implementation of Treadway – COSO- SOX- FCPA, Critical Controls Checklist, Global Controls Toolkit. Board oversight and governance, enterprise risk management. Price management. Pricing policies. Price realization. Booking multipliers. Price escalation. Incoterms expert. Understanding and hands-on application of local and international logistics in its different modals. MEX and USA GAAP-IFRS. Hyperion + Baan-LN.

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    Compagnie General de Geophisique

    Chief Accounting Officer. 

    Oct 1999 – Aug 2001


    (México City). Oil & Gas Industry.Responsible for the finance and administrative functions. Reporting to Paris, France and Houston, USA.

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    ANLI SC Idiomas Empresariales

    Co-founder - Family business. 

    Jun 1998 – Sep 1999


    Co-founder/owner of International Training and Testing Center, Anli, S.C. in 1989 www.inglesespecializado.com and Unificados Holistic Center www.unificados.com. Family business. Non-stop servicing customers since 1989 to 2017 on going concern chiefly driven by my wife. I am acting as councelor and pro-tempore executive.

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    Managing Sub-director. 

    Sep 1997 – May 1998


    Responsible for preparation and release of Group’s financial informationTo shareholders, authorities and media. 64 companies, 17 overseas companies.

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    Office Depot

    Finance Director. 

    Nov 1996 – Aug 1997


    Responsible for financial and administrative functions of this rapid-growing company.

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    Audit Senior Manager 

    Jun 1992 – Oct 1996


    PRICE WATERHOUSE (México City). Responsible for servicing segments as industry manufacturing technology, retail, chemical, telecommunications, real state and banking. Major clients served, Cifra Group, Ericsson Group, Reckitt & Colman Group, Byron Jackson, Quaker State, Fruehauf, Guerlain, Universidad Latinoamericana, Westinghouse, Dresser Industries, Western Union, MSA. 17. Strategic selling – conceptual selling - selling of professional services, virtual selling.

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    Chief Accounting Officer for Xerox Mexicana and Copicentro. 

    Jan 1990 – May 1992


    Chief Accounting Officer for Xerox Mexicana and Copicentro.

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    Internal Control Manager. 

    Dec 1988 – Dec 1989


    Internal Control Manager. Responsible for the Company's internal control system, in terms of maintenance, enhancements, Xerox Corporation requirements and special requests.

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    Field Audit Manager, Corporate Audit and Operational Analysis. 

    Nov 1986 – Nov 1988


    Reported directly to headquarters, Xerox Corporation. Managed six auditors for audit development in the Caribbean, Central America and some South American countries. Operational auditing practiced in Xerox is rated world-class.

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    Audit Manager 

    Mar 1979 – Oct 1986


    Started as part-time Auditor, with last position as Audit Manager. Major clients served, Cia. Nestle, Hoteles Presidente, Salinas y Rocha Group ( Grupo Azteca ), Bimbo Group, Carl Zeiss, Cerveceria Moctezuma, Banca Cremi, Cheesbrough Ponds.



    Success every day !!!


    Success everyday !!



    Framework Agreements

    PEMEX business process

    Oil, Gas and Energy Industries.


    Contract Management

    Sarbanes-Oxley Act



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    Annual Continuous Education Program in México and abroad.

    Diplomas and certificates of participation. Finance, administration, treasury, internal controls, compliance, risk management, accounting, mgmnt 1980 - 2014


    International training received in USA ( Xerox Corp,- Xerox International Traning Center for Management Development, Office Depot, Caterpillar University-Solar Turbines, Spain ( Xerox Corp. ) and France ( Compagnie Generale de Geophysique ).

    Extensively trained in México by E&Y, PWC, CitiGroup, and above companies.

    Activities: In some cases I attended courses, worshops, congress, conferenes, etc in others I provided training in GAAP, management process, auditing, both financial and operational, finance, motivation, etc.

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    Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México

    Lic. en Contaduría Finanzas, Económicas, Administrativas, Contraloría, Gobierno Corporativo, Inglés, Francés 1979 - 1982


    Tésis profesional : Determinación del resultado monetario y no monetario ( B-10 ) en la determinación de estados financieros consolidados y combinados.

    Activities: Comité financiero para la re-construciión de la Ibero Sta. Fé.

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    Instituto Politécnico Nacional

    Bachillerato Económico'Admin Vocacional 5 Ciudadela < Voca 5 > 1975 - 1977


    Activities: Estudiantina de la ESCA.

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    Escuela Secundaria Anexa a la Normal Superior ESANS

    Certificado de secundaria  1973 - 1975




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    Veracruz Area, Mexico